Monday, July 11, 2005

Calendula Flower Posted by Picasa


  1. Ok, I'm leaving you comments here instead of individually throughout the pics. I missed a LOT in one day! lol

    Your pics are WAYYY cool, even if they are of BUGS! You & Laura are making me queazy! lol..

    But as always, incredible shots. I'm not sure about the shiny bugs. I don't get that close to ask them.


  2. I think they are some kind of beetle. Still looking into that one.

  3. This orange flower is AWESOME DUDE! (like bevis and butthead)

    I also like the blue shiny beatle.

    BTW, I just couldn't stand it anymore, I had to let my digital camera puke all over my photo blog. Now I am going to have to start taking more pictures, alas.

    ps. Blanket comments are more than fine, and you are great for my ego!

  4. Beautiful I must say!!